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A simple 3 step process to select the best editing service for your paper. Our prices are based on the type of article (communication, full paper, review) and not on the number of words.


During the writing stage we only provide one service, the one that works. The manuscript health check is our essential core service that we recommend for all our clients.


When you are ready to submit your paper, choose one or all of our optional manuscript submission services to help you during the article submission process.


If the editor has requested minor revisions or the dreaded major revisions, choose from our optional manuscript revision services during the article revision stage.

What we do

Edit your paper: At the writing stage, we provide an essential manuscript health check service, which includes editing, proofreading, and structure analysis of your paper. Submit your paper: At the submission stage, we provide the important services that will help get your paper to the peer-review stage, including cover letter development, formatting, journal selection, and submission of your paper. Revise your paper: At the revision stage, we offer critical services to help push your paper over the line, including revision of your paper, appeal letter, editor and reviewer response, and re-submission.

How we do it

Experienced editors: Editors with peer-review experience know how to get past the gate-keeper and increase the chances of your paper being sent to peer-review. Simple services: We have removed the complexity of choosing from different editing services. We only offer one editing service, the one that works. Then you can choose optional extras that will make your life easier during the submission and revision stage. Collaboration tools: Collaborative writing and live editing in MS Word and project management in MS Teams. If you prefer Latex, we will create a project on the Overleaf platform so that you can take advantage of the collaborative writing and editing features, templates, and journal submission features.

What you get

Affordable editing: Work directly with your editor and cut out the middle man. Our editors are invested in publishing your paper as much as you are. Flexible packages: Custom packages, bulk orders, or pre-payments to use up your funding. Just ask us for a custom quote and we can accommodate your needs. Faster publication: Avoid re-submission and rejection by getting your paper ready the first time. Let our experienced editors guide you.

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