Abstract [What we do]

We help academic researchers publish their papers in peer-reviewed journals. Our core manuscript health check service provides authors with a critical analysis of their manuscript. This is a better alternative to traditional article copyediting and proofreading services. To save researchers more time, our manuscript concierge service provides all-inclusive support until submission or acceptance of a paper. You can visit our about page for more information about our manuscript editing experience and our heart-centred business values.

Introduction [Why we do it]

In this academic world of publish or perish, scientific editing and proofreading services don't cut it anymore. There is no guarantee that a scientific paper written in perfect English will be peer-reviewed or published. Just ask any academic that is also a native English speaker. Their papers also get rejected! One of the problems is that, as scientists, we don't receive the training required to write well-structured and engaging scientific papers, let alone how to navigate through the complex world of scientific publishing. This is something that eventually comes with experience. But until that happens, we are here to provide you with ongoing publishing support.

The number of papers and the workload of editors and peer-reviewers is also at an all-time high. Editors screen papers and reject them if they don't meet technical requirements and the scope of the journal. They simply don't have the time to read between the lines to determine the novelty of your work. This wastes everyone's time. Precious time that can be directed towards more research. How can we help? We help scientists publish their research by providing a publishing support service that bridges the gap between what academics do and what editors want.

Getting your manuscript published in a scientific journal can take a long time. If you are a non-native English speaker, it will take you two times longer than a native English speaker to prepare a paper for publication (200 hours vs. 100 hours)[Citation coming as soon as I find it again!]. And 100 hours is nothing to scoff at! Imagine what you can do with an extra 100-200 hours in the lab or with your collaborators instead of wasting your time to make sure that the references are in the correct format, your hyphens and en-dashes are used correctly, or your abstract is not two words over the word limit. How can we save you time? Our manuscript acceptance concierge service provides complete publishing support until submission or acceptance of your journal paper.

Methods [How we do it]

Our services are divided into four main categories. You can choose from individual services or from one of our all-inclusive concierge services. If you don't see a service that is right for you, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Document Health Check Services

The health check is our core service that we recommend for all our clients. Think of it as a doctor's appointment for your manuscript, cover letter, reviewer response letter, grant application, poster presentation, or any other scientific document. An experienced editor with publishing and peer-review experience will analyse your document and diagnose any issues that might prevent the acceptance of your manuscript by your target journal ("Target Journal" is important here! If you don't know your target journal you should not be ordering any editing services). We provide you with detailed feedback to help you improve your document and get it through to the peer-review stage.

Manuscript Concierge Services

The concierge service is an all-inclusive service that is designed to reduce the hassle of publishing your paper. It includes all of our document health check services at a discounted price and optional additional services that will save you time. This is the best option if you need full publishing support until your manuscript is accepted and published, regardless of the number of revisions or times it is submitted to a journal.

Copyediting and Proofreading Services

We only recommend our traditional proofreading service if an editor or a reviewer has requested it. Copyediting and proofreading services only fix the symptoms, that is, bad grammar or bad spelling. These traditional author services rarely fix the real issues and don't address the real reasons that your manuscript will be rejected. That is why publishers don't guarantee the acceptance or publication of your manuscript even if you order their expensive in-house editing services.

Marketing Services

Don't stop once your paper is published. Let everyone know about it. Promoting your accepted paper or discussing it on social media will open up new opportunities for collaboration and increase citations. And that leads to more papers, a better publication record, more job opportunities and more success, for you and for us! We will share your article on our webpage and social media channels to increase exposure to your research. This service is included for free with any order.

Results [What we have done]

At The Science Editorium, we live and breathe research publications. Over the past three years, we have worked with over 200 researchers from 15 countries and 5 continents across the world. We have helped authors submit their papers for publication to over 100 journals. We think we provide one of the best services to help academics publish their research. But don't just take our word for it.


Thank you very much for the thorough revision - I am really impressed! I've had edits done a few times before, but none was nearly as thorough as yours. I will definitely send all my papers to you in the future!

Lukas Beyer
Researcher from Regensburg, Germany

The review was very quick and the comments were very helpfully.

Researcher from Mexico

Sample Work

The work we do for our clients is covered by our non-disclosure agreement. We can't share it with you but we do provide a few options for you to get a taste of the type of editing service we provide.

You can see examples of editing and the type of comments and advice you can expect to receive from our editors.

We also provide free editing services so that customers can try our services before ordering. We provide a manuscript rejection guarantee. If you (or an editor) are not happy, you can request a full refund or let us know if you need additional work.

Discussion [How we can help you]

In addition to the services outlined above, check out our blog for advice and insider information about the publishing industry.

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