Free ChemRxiv Preprint Health Check

Welcome to our chemRxiv support page. We are excited about the launch of ChemRxiv because we agree with the fundamental principles of preprints as a way of sharing early results, getting feedback and improving your research paper. We also love Chemistry and Open Access. No really. Check out all the chemistry and materials science journals that we have helped our authors to publish in.

We would love to contribute by providing feedback from an editor’s perspective so that you can improve your chances of publication in a journal. For a free ChemRxiv Preprint Health Check, please contact us using the form below. We will read your preprint article and provide you with feedback about your paper and the steps you should take to improve the structure. We will also tell you if a more thorough manuscript health check or scientific paper editing would be more appropriate before you submit your paper to your preferred journal.

For all our Physics friends, if you ask us nicely we might even provide you with a free arXiv Preprint Health Check!

For all our Biological Sciences friends, same deal for a free bioRxiv Preprint Health Check!

Contact us for a free preprint health check!

We have helped other authors publish in ChemRxiv. See below for important information or things you should consider before you submit your paper.