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Z. Brzozka

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chemical sensors, actuators , microsystems


Physics and chemistry of microfluidics

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Sensors & Actuators, B: Chemical is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to covering research and development in the field of chemical sensors, actuators and microsystems. The scope of the journal encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following areas: • Sensing principles and mechanisms • New materials development (transducers and sensitive/recognition components) • Fabrication technology • Actuators • Optical devices • Electrochemical devices • Mass-sensitive devices • Gas sensors • Biosensors • Analytical microsystems • Environmental, process control and biomedical applications • Signal processing • Sensor and sensor-array chemometrics μTAS - Micro Total Analysis Systems: Microsystems for the generation, handling and analysis of (bio)chemical information The special section of Sensors & Actuators, B: Chemical on micro TAS is dedicated to contributions concerning miniaturised systems for (bio)chemical synthesis and analysis, also comprising work on Bio-MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip, biochips and microfluidics. Topics covered by the micro TAS section include: • Physics and chemistry of microfluidics • Microfabrication technology for micro TAS • Analytical chemical aspects • Detectors, sensors, arrays for micro TAS • Micro TAS applications • DNA analysis • Microinstrumentation • Microsystems for combinatorial chemistry.

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