Preparing to write a scientific paper

Dr Zoran Dinev

In this blog series we outlines six important steps that should be taken before preparing a scientific manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. It contains important information that will help you to write your manuscript and address the requirements of the journal, the editor, and the reviewers. Following these steps will ensure that your manuscript is considered for publication and will maximise the chance of acceptance of your manuscript.

Determining the target audience

You have done the research and have collected the results. It is now time to publish your manuscript in an academic journal. There are many factors to consider when choosing the target journal.

Exploring the journal homepage

By the time you start looking at the homepage of a journal, you should have already decided your target audience. You should be looking for information that will tell you if this is the right journal.

Reading the author guidelines

The author guidelines contain important information that will help you to prepare your manuscript. It is important to check these guidelines before you start writing your paper.

Reading the reviewer guidelines

The reviewer guidelines are often overlooked by authors, but they contain a wealth of information that will help with the preparation of a manuscript. Knowing what the reviewers are asked to assess will help you during the writing.

Choosing the right article type

After identifying the target audience and learning about the requirements of your target journal, the next step is to choose the most appropriate article type.

Writing the cover letter

As an important part of the submission process, the cover letter is your first opportunity to make an impression. In this guide we discuss the different elements that should be included in a cover letter.

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