Writing a high impact research paper

Dr Zoran Dinev

A well-written research paper usually strikes the right tone to engage your readers while adhering to the standards of your field. This can go a long way in garnering the interest of journal editors and peer reviewers. Outlining your research topic in a precise and concise manner is crucial for getting a scientific article published. If you can’t explain your research clearly and succinctly you can’t expect the reader to understand and appreciate your research. At the same time, it is essential to understand that a scientific manuscript does need to be mundane. The most important ingredient is clarity, and this can be achieved by writing concise and simple sentences.

Often, a high-profile meritorious research paper does not get the recognition it deserves. If the paper contains too much off topic material it runs the risk of being dismissed. Scientific writers need to be extra careful that their research paper maintains a perfect balance in terms of presentation. The manuscript must disseminate your knowledge while engaging the reader.

A lot of people are extraordinarily gifted at writing and can express their thoughts very efficiently, whereas others struggle in this aspect. Regardless of your writing skill, a few essential pointers need to be kept in mind when writing a research paper:

Write an impressive first page

Don’t believe the saying “Never judge a book by its front cover”. Remember, your research paper will initially be judged by the content of the first page, the abstract or introduction. Unclear sentences and confusing words will kill the interest of the reader and will not benefit your research paper. Place an emphasis on the novelty and key results in the scientific paper. Simple and direct sentences and words are essential to attracting readers to your content and encouraging them to read further. This includes having a catchy riveting title, keywords and introduction. After all, “Well begun is half done.”

Let the topic flow through the document

When you initiate your research paper with a good start, you need to back it up with a strong body. The ultimate goal is to deliver what you promise in the initial stages of the manuscript. Typically, a particular thread of thought should be followed throughout the narrative. This applies not only to the method, concept and conclusion, but also to the flow of topics as well. How many times have you reached the end of a paper and scratched your head because what you were expecting to read was not included in the manuscript. If you get distracted from the topic, it is going to reduce the interest of the reader of the manuscript. The overall concept should be built in a systematic manner and conclude with a clear conclusion.

Approach the manuscript as a third party

When you finish drafting your research paper, make sure you read through your document from a reader’s point of view and not as a writer. Proofread your document more than once and try to eliminate language and grammar errors. Clear illustrations, tables and figures that support the context of the research paper should also be included in the final draft to make it more interesting.

Consider using the expertise of a research paper editing service

Finally, research paper editing plays a critical role in the overall credibility of the paper. After spending months and years putting your effort into your research work, it is nothing but a gamble to entrust any research paper editing services. Your money is well spent when you find a professionally-trained and unbiased editor such as The Science Editorium. This is one way in which research paper editing services can assist you and help improve the publication process. In addition to offering a critical review and refining your text to the required publication standard and linguistic level, we can add a touch of writing excellence that will make your research paper a joy to read.

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