Copyediting and proofreading services only fix the symptoms of bad manuscripts, that is, bad grammar or bad spelling. These traditional author services rarely fix the real issues and do not address the real reasons that your manuscript was rejected. That is why publishers don’t guarantee the acceptance or publication of your manuscript even if you order their expensive in-house editing services. We only recommend these service if an editor or a reviewer has requested them. Our editors will read through the full manuscript and ensure that the English writing is grammatically correct and has the intended meaning. We can edit any academic or professional documents, including:

  • Manuscripts, full articles, and communications

  • Books and book chapters

  • Doctoral dissertations/theses

  • Cover letters

  • Reviewer and editor response letters

  • Conference reports and proceedings

  • Abstracts, posters, and slide presentations

  • Grant proposals and fellowship applications

We suggest that you try our Manuscript Health Check as an alternative to traditional copyediting and choose from our Submission and Revision services if you need more support during the publication process.

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