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From AUD $350 to $575 (ex-GST) (Save $100 as a bundle)

The essential documents concierge service includes three document health check services that are vital during the publication process. These services are designed to help you publish your manuscript in your target journal.

What is included in a Manuscript Essentials Concierge?

1. Manuscript Health Check

A detailed analysis of the structure and flow of your manuscript and constructive feedback for improving your manuscript. Tell me more!

2. Cover Letter Development

An excellent cover letter to grab the attention of the editor, highlight your work and increase the chances of your manuscript being considered for peer review. Is that possible?

3. Reviewer and Editor Response

A critical review of your response to the reviewer comments to ensure that you have responded to all the questions and that your answers are clear. How do we do that?

How long will it take?

Our standard turnaround is 7 days. This gives us time to thoroughly check your document. If you are in a hurry, we provide an express service with a guaranteed delivery in 3 days (AUD $50) or 1 day (AUD $100) per document

Pricing information

Because the price of the cover letter development and reviewer response are fixed, the price of the manuscript essentials concierge depends on the approximate length of the paper:

How to order

Use the order form below to upload your document and make a payment by credit card. We also accept bank transfer or you can request an invoice for payment by your department.