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AUD $750 (ex-GST)

The manuscript submission concierge service includes all the services that you will need until your document is submitted. We take care of everything you can think of until your paper is submitted.

What is included in a Manuscript Submission Concierge?

1. Manuscript Health Check

A detailed analysis of the structure and flow of your manuscript and constructive feedback for improving your manuscript. (Tell me more!)

2. Cover Letter Development

An excellent cover letter to grab the attention of the editor, highlight your work, and increase the chances of your manuscript being considered for peer review. Is that possible?

3. Proofreading, Formatting and Restructuring

The manuscript will be proofread (up to 5000 words), formatted according to the journal guidelines, and restructured.

4. Reference Check

The references will be checked for style and consistency.

5. Word Count Reduction

The length of your manuscript will be adjusted to conform with the target journal guidelines.

6. Journal and Reviewer Selection

We will suggest 3 journals and 3 potential reviewers for your manuscript.

7. Submission

The manuscript will be submitted using the journal submission system.

How long will it take?

The manuscript submission concierge service includes a wide range of services that you will need throughout the publication process. We can't provide a timeline as there are too many variables. However, this is a priority service and you will receive priority support throughout the process.

Pricing information

The price of the manuscript submission concierge is a fixed price regardless of the length of your paper.

How to order

Use the order form below to upload your document and make a payment by credit card. We also accept bank transfer or you can request an invoice for payment by your department.