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AUD 10 cents per word (ex-GST).

Our scientific editing service is provided by native English speakers with experience in a range of subject areas. We will ensure that the English writing in your manuscript is grammatically correct and has the intended meaning. All spelling and grammatical errors will be corrected, including common mistakes such as the use of articles, subject-verb agreement, and tense. This service is ideal if your manuscript has been rejected for publication without peer-review or if the editor has requested that your manuscript is edited by a native English speaker.

What is included in Scientific Editing?

Our scientific editing service will provide you with a thorough check of the full structure of your document. We will start with our famous Manuscript Health Check as the first step of the process. After we provide our feedback and get your response, we will continue with the following:

1. Copyediting

The manuscript will be edited for clarity, consistency and comprehension. It includes in-depth substantive editing and suggestions for alternative text.

2. Grammar and Punctuation

All grammatical errors will be fixed, including common mistakes such as the use of articles, subject-verb agreement, and tense.

3. Restructuring

Sentences, paragraphs, and sections will be restructured to allow easy reading and understanding of the full document.

4. Conciseness

Reduction of word count if necessary.

5. Editing Guarantee

An editing certificate will be provided upon request if required by the journal.

6. Clarification Rounds

Unlimited clarification rounds for the authors to provide feedback and allow for corrections and clarification of meaning. We can’t stress enough the importance of this step. If you do not take advantage of this you should not be paying for any proofreading or editing services.

7. Formatting

The manuscript will be formatted according to your preferred guidelines.

8. References and Figures

The references style will be checked to ensure that it conforms to the journal guidelines. You will receive feedback about the figures and tables and suggestions for improvements.

9. Proofreading

As a final step, the manuscript will be checked for spelling, word choice, and consistency.

10. Plagiarism check before and after editing

We will perform a plagiarism check before we start working on your paper and after we have edited the paper. You will receive a full interactive report with a plagiarism level and links to similar content online.

How long will it take?

Our standard turnaround is 7 days. This gives us time to thoroughly check your document. If you are in a hurry, we provide an express service with a guaranteed delivery in 3 days (AUD $50) or 1 day (AUD $100).

How to order

If you want us to read every word, twice or three times, we charge for every word. Use the order form below to calculate the price and upload your document. You can make a payment by credit card. We also accept bank transfer or you can request an invoice for payment by your department.