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AUD $1000 (ex-GST)

We can help you convert your masters or doctorate thesis into one or more research papers ready for submission to an international journal. Don’t let your thesis (and hard work) rot away on the bookshelf at your parents’ house. Ask us if we can help.

What is included in a Thesis to Manuscript Conversion Concierge?

1. Reading of your full thesis

We will read your full thesis, cover to cover (especially the acknowledgements, we love those). We will then suggest the best way to split your thesis into one or more papers.

2. Select the target journal(s)

We will suggest a number of journals that are suitable for the publication of your results.

3. Prepare the manuscript(s)

We will you use the existing content to prepare the manuscript. If an update to the literature references is required we will ask for your input to make changes to the introduction

4. Author clarification round

We insist on at least one round of author corrections and changes so that the authors have an opportunity to clarify their meaning and respond to our questions and comments. We can’t stress enough the importance of this step. If you do not take advantage of this you might as well not pay for any editing services.

5. Get the paper ready for submission

The manuscript will be formatted according to the target journal guidelines.

How long will it take?

The thesis to manuscript conversion service includes a wide range of services that will need author input. We can't provide a timeline as there are too many variables. However, the usual turnaround for the first paper is approximately 1 month.

Pricing information

The cost of this service is AUD $1000 for the first paper and AUD $750 for any additional paper if there is sufficient data to split the thesis into more than one paper.

How to order

Use the order form below to upload your document and make a payment by credit card. We also accept bank transfer or you can request an invoice for payment by your department.