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Revision Management
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What is a virtual editorial office?

You get access to your own virtual editor to support you and your research group during the publication process. We will become your central point of contact for anything related to the publication of your manuscripts. Big pharma companies and other research organisation have their own editorial departments. Now you can have your own editor at a fraction of the cost.

What is included?

You can choose from three different support levels, as described below. Each one builds on the services of the previous service.

Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editor will help you get your paper ready for submission. It includes the following services:

1. Editorial Support

Email, live chat, and phone access to an editor. You can ask us any question you would usually ask an editor. We will find an answer to any question you have about your paper or target journal and publisher.

What is the best way to write…?
What is the impact factor of…?
What is another word for…?
I need a template for submission to…
Who is the editor-in-chief of…?
What are the best journals in the field of…?
Should I appeal the decision?
Should I resubmit to the same journal?

There is no limit to the number of papers but the concurrent paper limit indicates the number of papers that we will manage at any one time. For example, if you subscribe to the Assistant Editor service we will work with you on one paper at a time. With the Managing Editor service, we will will work with you on up to 3 papers at a time. If you want us to work on more papers at the same time, you can choose more on the order form.

2. Onboarding

Do you have an ORCID, Mendelay, or scopus profile? Is your publication record complete? We will collect all your contact information, publication records, affiliations, publication, and research history and ensure that your past and future work is correctly attributed to you. We will set up or manage your ORCID, Scopus records, Mendelay profile.

3. Manuscript Analysis

We will screen your completed paper before you submit it to a journal and provide you with an objective analysis. Our editors will read your full paper and tell you if it is ready for submission or recommend next steps such as proofreading or editing. Don’t pay for editing services unless you need them. This alone could cover the cost of subscribing to our virtual editor services.

Associate Editor

In addition to the services provided by the Assistant Editor, the Associate Editor will take a more hands-on approach to manage the preparation of your paper. It includes the following additional services:

4. Rejection Analysis

We will analyse your paper after it has been rejected by a journal and provide you with a plan to improve your paper. We will also analyse the editor’s decision and reviewer comments and provide advice about the next steps, such as appealing the decision, re-submitting to the same journal or submitting to a new journal.

5. Collaboration Tools

We will invite you to Microsoft Teams, create a new channel for each project and use the platform for all communication. You can also invite your co-authors for free and use the online version of MS Word for collaborative writing. If you prefer Latex, we will create a project on Authorea or Overleaf so that you can take advantage of the collaborative writing and editing features, templates, and journal submission features.

6. Journal Communication

An optional email address so that we can help you with all your communication with the journal, monitor status updates, send reminders, and speed up the publication of your paper.

Managing Editor

In addition to the services provided by the Assistant Editor and Associate Editor, the managing editor will help you with the submission of your paper. It includes the following additional services:

7. Editing Management

If we recommend proofreading or editing of your paper, you can choose one of our paid editing services (including a discount) or we will find the best alternative editing service in your price range. We will then manage the editing process and ensure that your paper has been edited to our high standards.

8. Submission Management

We will manage the paper submission process, including proofreading your cover letter, checking that you have met the journal requirements, and submitting the paper on your behalf using the journal submission system.

9. Revision Management

We will manage the manuscript revision process, including checking your responses to the editor and the reviewer and re-submitting your paper on your behalf using the journal submission system. We will also check the final proof of your paper.

10. Discounts

A discount on our editing and proofreading services.

COVID-19 Pricing

If you are experiencing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic please use “COVID19” as a discount code to save $50. This brings the starting price down to AUD $25, which is a great way to test this service at a discounted price. You will continue to receive this discount until you tell us or the pandemic is over.

7 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that these services will help you during the publication process, we also provide a 7 day free trial with no obligation to continue. We won’t even ask for your credit card. If you have a question and need advice from an editor, join for free and ask us anything. It is a great way to try our services.

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