Document Health Check

Our Document Health Check is our core service that we recommend for all our clients. Think of it as a doctor’s appointment for your manuscript, cover letter, reviewer response letter, grant application, poster presentation, or any other scientific document. An experienced editor with publishing and peer-review experience will analyse your document and diagnose any issues that might prevent the acceptance of your manuscript by a journal. We provide you with detailed feedback to help you improve your document and get it through to the peer-review stage.

Scientific Manuscript Concierge

The concierge service is an all-inclusive service that is designed to reduce the hassle of preparing and publishing your paper. It includes all of our document health check services at a discounted price and additional services that will save you time.

Research Paper Editing

Our proofreading and copyediting services are traditional editing services and the cost is based on the number of words in the manuscript. Our editors will read through the full manuscript and ensure that the English writing is grammatically correct and has the intended meaning. We can edit any academic or professional documents, including:

Manuscript Marketing

To support authors from start to finish, we have launched marketing services to promote your paper after it has been published. We can write a press release, do social media promotions, and more coming soon.