Journal Article Editing Services

The Science Editorium’s services are designed to help scientists edit their journal articles and publications. Our journal article editing & proofreading services ensures that your article meticulously follows all formatting guidelines and relevant styles, and that all the ideas are clearly expressed according to the specific requirements of the journal.

Our editors are qualified experts with proficiency in the subject. That is what makes us one of the top-notch journal editing service providers for academic publishing.

Journal Article Editing/Proofreading by our Subject Experts

The Journal Article Editing and Proofreading service by The Science Editorium enables you to meet the standard required by your target academic journal. Your manuscript will be thoroughly reviewed by a professional editor so that it is free from errors. Moreover, our editing service also provides you with useful feedback about your draft, its structure, content and flow.

We have designed a modular editing service so you can choose exactly what you require and only pay for what you need. If you don’t require all the journal article editing services, you can order the journal article proofreading services instead. Here, our subject expert will proofread your journal article and look at all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

Journal Article Proofreading Services

If your article is already in good condition, perhaps because it has already been checked by a native English speaker, you may be able to utilize our reliable proofreading service. This service will refine your document, ensuring flawless presentation following the journal guidelines. This service is available for those clients whose documents are in good condition and do not require complete copy editing.

When your journal article is proofread by our expert team, you get peace of mind that your journal article is easy to read and ready for publication. To stand out from the high number of articles that are submitted to journals and to save time, more and more authors take advantage of our journal article editing service.

We Guarantee that your Journal Article:

  • adheres to word count limitations
  • is constructed with appropriate keywords
  • is well-structured, following the requirements of the journal
  • clearly presents your results for maximum impact
  • has the correct tone
  • is flawless and consistent in presentation
  • follows the formatting and other guidelines of your target journal

Tailor-Made Services

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, The Science Editorium is happy to offer tailor-made editing solutions. Perhaps you need your article edited to meet the formatting requirements of the target journal, or your article has been edited and only requires proofreading. No matter what your editing needs are, we can help. For further information, please do not hesitate to email us with your requirement and the article for editing.

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