Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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Materials Science, failure analysis, conducting polymers


Materials in Electronics is an established refereed companion

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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics is an established refereed companion to the Journal of Materials Science. It publishes papers on materials and their applications in modern electronics covering the ground between the fundamental science, such as semiconductor physics, and work concerned solely with applications. It features not only the growth and preparation of new materials, but also their processing, fabrication, bonding and encapsulation, together with the reliability, failure analysis, quality assurance and characterisation related to the whole range of applications in electronics. The Journal encourages papers in newly developing fields such as low dimensional structures and devices, optoelectronics including III-V compounds, glasses and linear/non-linear crystal materials and lasers, high Tc superconductors, conducting polymers, thick film materials and new contact technologies, as well as the established electronics device and circuit materials. New preparation methods such as molecular beam epitaxy, MOMBE, chemical vapour deposition techniques and bulk crystal growth are covered, while all aspects of the technology and fabrication of semiconductor devices and circuits, together with their assessment and reliability, are included. Papers on materials used in more conventional applications such as resistors, inductors, conductors, capacitors, power semiconductor devices, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, insulators and magnetic applications are equally encouraged.


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