Manuscript Health Check


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A manuscript health check will provide you with a detailed and critical analysis of the content of your manuscript and feedback and suggestions on how to improve the manuscript so that it meets the journal guidelines. One of the most common reasons for the direct rejection of a manuscript without peer-review is failure to meet technical requirements such as length, style, structure, as well as being outside the scope of the journal. The manuscript health check will highlight everything that needs to be fixed before you submit your manuscript including grammar, spelling, inconsistencies, obvious mistakes, and technical requirements.

The manuscript health check is a multi-step process, which will ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission.

Step 1. Critical analysis of your manuscript by a scientific editor

An experienced editor will perform a critical analysis of the structure and flow of your manuscript. In this step, we highlight confusing sentences, word choice, and make recommendations for improvements to the structure, wording, and meaning. Most grammatical and spelling errors will be fixed in this step.  We will also check the technical requirements of the target journal and highlight any critical omissions.

Step 2. Clarification by the author

The authors will have an opportunity to make correction and changes that are necessary to improve the manuscript, taking into account the comments made in the first step. In this step, the authors can provide feedback to the editor to ensure that their intended meaning has been retained.

Step 3. Language polishing by the editor

We will check your manuscript a second time, paying close attention to the recommendations in step 1 and any changes made by the author in step 2. During this step, we will proofread your document and fix any grammar and spelling errors that were missed or introduced in the previous steps. After this step, your manuscript will be ready for submission to your target journal.

$ 100.00$ 250.00


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