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Academic Proofreading

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We only recommend our traditional proofreading service if an editor or a reviewer has requested it. Editing and proofreading services only fix the symptoms, i.e., bad grammar or bad spelling. These traditional author services rarely fix the real issues and don’t address the real reasons that your manuscript will be rejected. That is why publishers don’t guarantee the acceptance or publication of your manuscript even if you order their in-house editing services.

If you need help with the structure of your manuscript and advice on how to improve it, try our Manuscript Health Check service. If you have problems with sentence and paragraph structure, try our Scientific Paper Editing service. Both of these services include a final proofread of your manuscript to ensure that your manuscript does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

If you are certain that all you need is proofreading or if you need proofreading of a document other than a manuscript, go ahead and order this.

What is included in Academic Proofreading?

Our academic proofreading service provides you with a check of the grammar, spelling and punctuation of your paper. It includes:

1. Grammar and Punctuation

All grammatical errors will be fixed, including common mistakes such as the use of articles, subject-verb agreement, and tense.

2. Proofreading

As a final step, the manuscript will be checked for spelling, word choice, and consistency.

3. Clarification Round

Even with our most basic service, we insist on one clarification round for the authors to provide feedback and allow for corrections and clarification of meaning. We can’t stress enough the importance of this step. If you do not take advantage of this you might as well not pay for any proofreading services.

4. Live Collaborative Editing

We will create a Microsoft Teams channel for each project and use this for collaborative editing and all communication. You can also invite your co-authors for free and use the online version of MS Word for collaborative writing and editing. You will always be able to access the latest version of your paper, even if our editors are still working on it, and reply to comments in real time. If you prefer Latex, we will create a project on Authorea or Overleaf so that you can take advantage of the collaborative writing and editing features, templates, and journal submission features.

This service is designed as a polishing step for papers that are already in good shape. If you need restructuring, word-count reduction, formatting, reference check, unlimited clarification rounds, an editing certificate and an editing guarantee, consider ordering our scientific paper editing service.

Why traditional editing services won't help you publish your paper

1. No critical analysis of the content

Traditional services do not address why your manuscript might be at risk of being rejected without peer review, why it might be more suitable for a specialised journal, why it doesn't meet the technical requirements of the journal, or why it doesn't fit within the scope of the journal.

2. One round of editing is not enough

Perfect grammar and spelling do not guarantee you a perfect manuscript. You need to provide feedback and ensure that your editor has understood your intended meaning. This is only possible if the editor provides you with detailed feedback and comments.

3. Lack of scientific publishing experience

Most freelance editors are PhD students, postdocs, or researchers just like you. Even papers written by native English get rejected. They haven't worked for a journal and don't always have the experience to know what is required to get your manuscript published. In some cases, editors don't even have a science background and don't understand the intricacies of scientific writing.

How to order

We have stopped offering a stand-alone proofreading service for journal manuscripts because it does not help our clients with their ultimate goal of publishing their manuscript. It wastes your time and it wastes our time. Proofreading of research papers should only be used as a final step to check a well-written manuscript that has been copy-edited and is ready for publication. If this is the case for you and you know that this is exactly what you need, please contact us.