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Assistant Editor

$100.00 AUD
Approx $70.10 USD


Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editor service will help you get your paper ready for submission. It includes the following services:

1. Editorial Support

Email, live chat, and phone access to an editor. You can ask us any question you would usually ask an editor. We will find an answer to any question you have about your paper or target journal and publisher.

What is the best way to write…?
What is the impact factor of…?
What is another word for…?
I need a template for submission to…
Who is the editor-in-chief of…?
What are the best journals in the field of…?
Should I appeal the decision?
Should I resubmit to the same journal?

There is no limit to the number of papers but the concurrent paper limit indicates the number of papers that we will manage at any one time. For example, if you subscribe to the Assistant Editor service we will work with you on one paper at a time. With the Managing Editor service, we will will work with you on up to 3 papers at a time. If you want us to work on more papers at the same time, you can choose more on the order form.

2. Onboarding

Do you have an ORCID, Mendelay, or scopus profile? Is your publication record complete? We will collect all your contact information, publication records, affiliations, publication, and research history and ensure that your past and future work is correctly attributed to you. We will set up or manage your ORCID, Scopus records, Mendelay profile.

3. Manuscript Analysis

We will screen your completed paper before you submit it to a journal and provide you with an objective analysis. Our editors will read your full paper and tell you if it is ready for submission or recommend next steps such as proofreading or editing. Don’t pay for editing services unless you need them. This alone could cover the cost of subscribing to our virtual editor services.