Free Analysis of Rejection Decision

We used to provide a free editing and proofreading service (and still do in the form of a manuscript rejection guarantee), which was very popular with our clients but not so popular with our editors. Why? Although we don’t mind providing free services for those that really need them, free editing wasn’t the best use of our time. A lot of the manuscripts we received needed a lot more work than just editing and proofreading. That is why we decided to provide other free editing support services that actually help our clients with their ultimate goal of publishing their paper.

One way we help authors is to decipher and help them understand the rejection letter they receive from an editor. We have written a blog post discussing why an editor might reject your paper without sending it for peer review, in which we discuss some of the reasons in more detail. With the free paper rejection analysis, our editors will read your paper and let you know why your paper was rejected and what areas you need to improve so that your paper gets through to peer review. This is a short version of our manuscript health check service.

If you would like to receive a free analysis of your rejection letter, please fill out the form before and provide us with as much detail as you can.

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