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Free editing is back. We now provide free editing if you can help us translate our website to one of these languages:


A word for a word. We think it is fair. Contact us if you can help us, and we will help you in return.

Our free editing service has been very popular, for obvious reasons. Initially, we offered this as a free service to coincide with our crowdfunding campaign because we wanted to support researchers in developing countries. The free editing was limited to manuscripts that were less than 5000 words. Because the crowdfunding campaign failed, we limited the free editing to a few manuscripts every month. We couldn’t meet the demand and launched a referral campaign. By joining and referring colleagues and friends, our clients received free editing and additional discounts.

But something wasn’t working. We felt that there was a better way to spend our time and help more authors at the same time. That is why we have been tinkering with this offer. The demand is high, and it was getting hard to manage all the requests, so from now we will only accept requests for free editing on our public forum, which we have launched as a subreddit on the Reddit platform. If you have any questions about publishing your paper feel free to ask us in the forums so that the whole community can benefit from the question and answer.

We have also launched a range of other free services such as our free abstract health check service and free analysis of your paper rejection letter, which are designed to solve some of the biggest problems authors face when trying to publish a paper.
We also provide free editing and proofreading for all of our clients that have ordered the manuscript health check service, in the form of a manuscript rejection guarantee. If your manuscript is rejected because of the English language, we will edit it for free.

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