What you will receive with every edit

Detailed Comments

Sections of the text that have been changed extensively will be highlighted with a comment, either asking you to check it carefully or explaining what changes were made. 

Probing Questions

We are scientists first and editors second.  We will not be satisfied with just fixing the grammar and punctuation. If we find something wrong or confusing that needs more explanation, we will highlight it with a comment and ask you to explain it in more detail. 

Tracked Changes

All the changes we make in your manuscript will be tracked. You will be able to review and accept or reject all changes that we have made.

Clarification Round

We provide at least one clarification round so that you have an opportunity to make changes and consider the comments and suggestions we made in the first editing round. 

Learning Opportunities

We don't just make changes and expect you to take our word for it. If we notice that we have made the same change a number of times, we will explain why we have made the change.