Document Health Check

Our document health check services are designed to improve your document by providing your with a critical analysis of the content.  

Manuscript Health Check

A manuscript health check will provide you with a detailed analysis of the structure and flow of your manuscript and constructive feedback for improving your manuscript checked for errors at a much lower cost than copyediting. It does not include any re-writing or editing, but these services can be added at a discounted price. The health check will highlight common grammatical errors as well as sections of the manuscript that are difficult to understand and need clarification. This will allow you to improve the readability of your manuscript before it is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. The manuscript health check includes:

  • Analysis of the structure and flow of the manuscript
  • Common grammatical errors highlighted
  • Recommendations for improvements

Cover Letter Development

A cover letter development will provide you with detailed feedback about your letter and suggestions on how to improve it. The aim of a cover letter is to grab the attention of the editor. This is your first chance to impress. A good cover letter will increase the chances of your manuscript being considered for peer review. It needs to be just the right length and include important information about your manuscript, including statements and information requested by the journal. A cover letter health check by The Science Editorium will ensure that your cover letter is:

  • Structured correctly and written well
  • Meets the journal requirements and contains all the necessary information
  • Not too short/long and highlights your work
  • Free of gramattical and language errors

Reviewer and Editor Response

A reviewer response health check will provide you with a detailed analysis of your responses to the editor before you resubmit your manuscript to a journal. It is important that your responses to the reviewer comments are well structured, supported by evidence, diplomatic. You don’t have to agree with all the comments made by reviewers and you don’t have to implement all their suggested changes, but you do have to give a valid reason. You will receive detailed feedback and suggestions on how to improve your responses to the reviewer comments so that your answers address the questions and comments made by the reviewers. The reviewer response health check includes:

  • Review of author responses to reviewer comments
  • Ensuring that answers address the questions
  • Recommendations for improvement