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In this first blog post on The Science Editorium, I want to welcome you and briefly describe our publishing services and how they are different to traditional editing support services for authors. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for some type of editing support before you submit your manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal.

As a research scientist, I know that the longest part of preparing a manuscript (besides the research itself) is writing it. Traditional editing services require that you submit your completed manuscript, which is then edited by an editor that is an expert in your field. Sometimes, the second round of editing is available in case there were sections of the manuscript that were not clear.

As a scientific editor, I know that the longest part of editing a manuscript is trying to understand the intended meaning of a sentence or a paragraph, and rewriting them to maintain the author’s intended meaning. Editors also rely on author feedback during a clarification round to check the paper again.

All these steps in the traditional “batch editing process” are time-consuming for both the editor and the researcher. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask questions as you write, and get support and advice as you are preparing your manuscript? At The Science Editorium, we offer a “continuous editing process”, whereby an editor and a scientist are in direct contact during the preparation of the manuscript.

Our services don’t end when the paper is ready. We provide resources that will help you before submission, such as choosing the right journal, writing the cover letter, and ensuring that your manuscript is ready for submission using our manuscript health check tool. We also provide support after submission, such as helping you understand rejection letters and peer-review comments and helping you respond to the peer-review comments.

You can think of our services as those of a “co-author”, as we can be there throughout the whole publishing process until your manuscript is accepted and published in the journal of your choice. I hope you choose to join our community.

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Zoran Dinev

Founder of The Science Editorium. Contact me if you have any questions.

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